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Development can be very visible, just consider the technological development over the past 60 years and all the products and possibilities that has come from it. There is also developments that are less visible, but perhaps even more important. Personal development is about finding the good resources in  your self, refine these and make the most of your potential, both in your working-life and private-life.


HR is a word to be found everywhere in Norway in relation to business, and defines what the employees are to a coorporation: human resources. The bottomline is, the development of a company is in the hands of the employees, and should the employees not be given the opportunity to make use of their resources, the company might loose both chances and potensials, and in worst cases workforce. Internett and iPad did not make their way on their own! Scan One’s concern is corporations, and as such employees, and that they develope and reach their goals and visions, and we have several suggestions for how, why, what and who.


As the picture shows, development is not always visible at first hand, and it might proceed slowly – but all of a sudden it is visible!